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iwAL 2022 Agenda:

Friday: September 16, 2022


Welcome Reception

Saturday: September 17, 2022


Introduction & Meeting Objectives
Naval Daver & Andrew Wei


Session 1: Current challenges in clinical genomics
Chairs:  Paresh Vyas & Andrew Wei

  • CHIP and clonal hematopoiesis in relation to AML; Koichi Takahashi
  • Fitness of leukemic stem cells; Claudia Lengerke
  • Current challenges in clinical genomics; Courtney DiNardo
  • Germline predispositions in AML; Jean Soulier
  • Genomics and their clinical application for secondary AML; Paresh Vyas
    Panel Discussion


Session 2: What is the standard of care in AML in 2022
Chairs: Mark Levis & Eunice Wang

  • Improving intensive chemotherapy approaches in frontline AML; Eunice Wang
  • Maintenance therapy for whom?; Andrew Wei
  • Which patients should have allogeneic transplants in 2022?; Charles Craddock
  • Optimal transplant conditioning regimen in AML; Alessandro Rambaldi
    Panel Discussion
  • Optimizing therapy in secondary AML/RWE of CPX-351; Christina Rautenberg
  • Targeted approaches for IDH-mutated AML – venetoclax or IDHi?; Stephane De Botton
  • Current approach for relapsed FLT3-mutant AML; Jessica Altman
    Panel Discussion




Session 3: Novel treatment strategies in ALL
Chairs: Dieter Hoelzer & Sabina Chiaretti

Keynote talk: Innovation in the treatment of ALL; Daniel DeAngelo                                               

  • Ponatinib combination strategies; Nicholas Short
  • Progress in treatment of AYA ALL; Nicolas Boissel
  • Open questions in Ph+ ALL; Robin Foà
  • Updates in asparaginase treatment strategies; Rob Pieters
    Panel Discussion





Session 4: New frontiers in MRD

Part 1: New frontiers in MRD for ALL clinical practice
Chairs: Robin Foà & Nicolas Boissel                                                                                                             

  • How to improve MRD detection: ddPCR, NGS: Sabina Chiaretti
  • MRD in adult Ph-/BCR-ABL-negative ALL: how best to eradicate?; Nicola Gökbuget
    Panel discussion


Part 2: New frontiers in MRD for AML clinical practice

Chair: Marion Subklewe

  • Single-cell sequencing and clinical applicability in detection and therapy of AML; Catherine Smith
  • Value of MRD assessment in non-intensive regimens in AML; Farhad Ravandi
  • Novel approaches for integrating MRD into clinical trials: Andrew Wei
    Panel Discussion


Special Session: Regulatory endpoints in AML

  • The FDA’s perspective on regulatory endpoints in AML; Kelly Norsworthy
  • A clinician’s perspective on endpoints and drug development in AML; Naval Daver
    Panel Discussion




Session 5: BPDCN & CMML
Chairs: Naval Daver & Eunice Wang

  • Updates in diagnosis, pathogenesis and future directions in BPDCN; Naveen Pemmaraju
  • Updates in CMML diagnosis and treatment, future targets; Mrinal Patnaik
  • Novel RNA-directed therapeutics for treatment of myeloid malignancies; Omar Abdel-Wahab
    Panel Discussion


ELN 2022 classifications: Andrew Wei
Panel Discussion


End of Day 1


Faculty Dinner

Sunday: September 18, 2022


Welcome and meeting objectives


Session 6: Novel targets, combinations and treatments in AML
Chairs: Charles Craddock & Richard Stone

Keynote talk:  Challenges in the treatment of high-risk AML; Richard Stone

Part 1:  What is the next AML blockbuster?

  • Doublet and triplet combinations in AML; Naval Daver
  • Emerging novel antibody-drug conjugates; Roland Walter
  • TP53 treatment strategies in AML; Thomas Cluzeau
  • Menin inhibitors in AML; Eytan Stein
  • Anti-CD47; David Sallman
    Panel discussion


Session 6 continued: Novel targets, combinations and treatments in AML

Part 2: What do we know about drug resistance?

Chairs: Naval Daver & Stephane de Botton

  • Understanding and overcoming resistance to IDHi: Paresh Vyas
  • Targeting resistance to venetoclax-based therapies: Marina Konopleva
  • Resistance to FLT3 inhibitors: Alexander Perl
  • Epigenetic therapies: Carsten Müller-Tidow
    Panel Discussion




Session 7: T-cell engagement

Part 1: Roadmap on how to treat relapsed ALL
Chairs: Sabina Chiaretti & Elias Jabbour

  • Use of monoclonal antibodies in the CAR T-cell era: Nicola Gökbuget
  • Integration of immunotherapies into frontline ALL management; Elias Jabbour
    Panel Discussion


Part 2: CAR-T in ALL

Chairs: Bijal Shah & Claire Roddie

  • Predicting response to CAR-T; Bijal Shah
  • Tisagenlecleucel in B-ALL; Sara Ghorashian
  • AUTO1 outcomes in adult ALL: Claire Roddie
  • ZUMA-3 and brexucabtagene autoleucel indication for adult ALL:  Nicolas Boissel
    Panel Discussion





Session 8: Immunotherapeutics in AML
Chairs: Marion Subklewe & Saar Gill

Keynote talk: Pitfalls and future strategies for immunotherapies in AML; Marion Subklewe     

  • CAR-T for AML – CLL1; Fang Liu
  • Novel targets for CAR-T in AML; Michael Hudecek
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors in AML; Amer Zeidan        
  • Emerging NK cell-based therapies in AML; Naval Daver
  • Which CAR T-cell strategy in AML has the most promise?; Saar Gill
    Panel Discussion


Closing remarks: Marion Subklewe, Andrew Wei & Naval Daver

End of Meeting

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