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Sat 26

8:00AM -8:10AM

Meeting objectives & introduction
Naval Daver & Andrew Wei

8:10AM -9:40AM

Session 1: New research perspectives in AML
Chairs: Ravi Majeti & TBC

  • Immunological perspectives of long-term survivors: Paresh Vyas
  • Clonal Evolution in AML: Ravi Majeti
  • Predictors of transformation in CHIP and CCUS and ways to optimize prediction: Koichi Takahashi
  • Potential for early intervention in CHIP and CCUS: Uma Borate
  • Familial Leukemia predispositions: Understanding, identifying, and monitoring: Courtney DiNardo
  • Harnessing epigenetic information in AML to identify novel potential therapeutic approaches: Maria Figueroa

Panel discussion

9:40AM -10:00AM


10:00AM -12:00PM

Session 2: Controversies in AML
Chairs: Gail Roboz & Naval Daver

  • Improving intensive chemotherapy approaches in frontline AML: Tapan Kadia
  • Which patients should have allogeneic transplants in 2023?: Charles Craddock
  • Optimal transplant conditioning regimen in AML: Betul Oran
  • Intensive chemo or HMA Ven intermediate for younger AML patients?: Eunice Wang

Panel discussion

  • Optimizing therapy in secondary AML and optimal use of CPX-351: Harry Erba
  • Clinical approaches for IDH-mutated AML: TBC
  • Current approaches for relapsed FLT3-mutant AML: Jessica Altman

Panel discussion

12:00PM -1:20PM

Session 3: New frontiers in MRD for AML clinical practice
Chairs: Richard Stone & Marina Konopleva

  • Single-cell sequencing and clinical applicability in detection and therapy of AML: Catherine Smith
  • Value of MRD assessment in non-intensive regimens in AML: Farhad Ravandi
  • MRD as a clinical endpoint in clinical trials: Roland Walter
  • Applying MRD techniques in FLT3 mutated AML – are we able to use MRD as an endpoint in FLT3 AML?: Alexander Perl
  • MRD-directed interventions: Andrew Wei

Panel discussion

1:20PM -2:20PM


2:20PM -3:00PM

Special Session: Regulatory endpoints in AML
Chairs: Courtney DiNardo & Mark Levis

  • The FDA’s perspective on regulatory endpoints in AML: Joseph Wynne
  • A clinical investigator’s perspective on endpoints and drug development in AML: Naval Daver

Panel discussion with Joseph Wynne, Naval Daver

3:00PM -4:10PM

Session 4: BPDCN & MDS/MPN + CMML
Chairs: Naveen Pemmaraju & TBC

  • Updates in diagnosis, pathogenesis and future directions in BPDCN: Naveen Pemmaraju
  • Current and new directions for accelerated/BP/transformed MPN: Anand Patel
  • VEXAS: a new entity: Emma Groarke
  • Future targets and drug development in CMML: Mrinal Patnaik
  • Bench to bedside in MPNs: CALR and targeting CALR: Jyoti Nangalia
  • Novel targeted Agents in MPNs: TBC

Panel discussion

4:10PM -4:30PM


4:30PM -6:40PM

Session 5: Novel targets, combinations and treatments in AML
Chairs: Andrew Wei and Eunice Wang

Keynote talk
History of development and future directions for FLT3 inhibitors in AML: Mark Levis

New AML therapies and limitations
Chairs: Andrew Wei & Eunice Wang

  • Optimizing doublet and triplet combinations in AML: improving efficacy while maintaining safety: Naval Daver
  • Emerging novel antibody-drug conjugates: TBC
  • Uproleselan in frontline and R/R AML: Geoffrey Uy
  • TP53 treatment strategies in AML: Thomas Cluzeau

Panel discussion

  • Menin inhibitors in AML: Ghayas Issa
  • Mechanisms of resistance and combination approaches with Menin inhibitors in AML: Eytan Stein
  • Targeting resistance to venetoclax-based therapies: Marina Konopleva
  • Resistance to FLT3 inhibitors: Catherine Smith

Panel discussion

6:40PM -6:50PM

Day 1 summary


Sun 27

8:00AM -8:10AM

Meeting objectives & introduction
Naval Daver & Andrew Wei

8:10AM -9:20AM

Session 5, Part 2: Novel targets, combinations, and treatments in AML
What do we know about drug resistance?
Chairs: Charles Craddock and Courtney DiNardo

  • Genomic landscape and prognostic implications of TP53 mutations in AML: Sanam Longhavi
  • Magrolimab combinations: Naval Daver
  • TP53 reactivators: David Sallman
  • Novel pro-survival combinations: Andrew Wei
  • When and who to transplant?: Betul Oram
9:20AM -10:40AM

Session 6: New therapies in the AML transplant setting
Chairs: Charles Craddock & TBC

  • Vedolizumab for for prophylaxis and treatment of acute GVHD post alloSCT: Yngvar Fløisand
  • Improving outcomes post-BMT with Iomab-B: TBC
  • Cell-therapy for Epstein-Barr+ post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease: TBC
  • Treating transplant-related TMA (HSCT-TMA) in AML patients: TBC
  • Updates in use of post-transplant cyclophosphamide: Nelli Bejanyan

Panel discussion

10:40AM -11:00AM


11:00AM -12:20PM

Session 7: Immunotherapeutics in AML
Chairs: David Sallman & John DiPersio

  • Immunotherapy TME & Beyond: John DiPersio
  • What Antigen should we Target in R/R AML? TBC
  • Novel T-Cell Approaches for R/R AML, excluding CAR-T: Nelli Bejanyan
  • NK cells & CAR NK cells: Naval Daver
  • Outcomes in early-phase CAR-T clinical trials for R/R AML and MDS: David Sallman

Panel discussion

12:20PM -12:30PM

Conclusions & Meeting Close